FW: New birds in The Netherlands



From: Wim Vader <wjm.vader@gmail.com&gt; Sent: tirsdag 13. oktober 2020 17:04 To: Willem Jan Marinus Vader <wim.vader@uit.no&gt; Cc: Riet Keuchenius <mmkeuchenius@gmail.com&gt;; Jan Willem Vader <jw.vader@chello.nl&gt;; Lena de Vries <lenajee@ziggo.nl&gt;; Anja Kroodsma <anja.kroodsma@xs4all.nl&gt; Subject: New birds in The Netherlands


‘New ‘ birds in The Netherlands


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Swift Signting – 18 Oct 2020

Hi all saw my first swifts of the spring/summer today at Central Coast Wetlands, Tuggerah, NSW. Approx 100 birds at peak, although unless I can actually count individually, I think that’s conservative – all WT Needletails that I could see.  It was a large group of birds that moved back and forth over the . . . → Read More: Swift Signting – 18 Oct 2020

Golden Bowerbird bower query

Can someone please update me on what if any regulations cover photography at Golden Bowerbird bowers? We currently have someone who has set up a blind with flash devices near a bower, and I seem to recall that this is not permitted? If we see a passing ranger we will ask him what the situation . . . → Read More: Golden Bowerbird bower query