foot quivering in thrushes

Back in 1998 (time flies!) I wrote a little piece on these lists on foot paddling in gulls: I have enclosed a copy here, as few subscribers will be the same after 20 years.




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Hi all,

I will be in South America for a few weeks in January, and wanted to pick up a good field guide for the trip.

Anyone have any recommendations for a portable field guide covering Norther Chile, Peru and maybe Bolivia?


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Birdpedia – Australia – Weekly Digest

The following is a digest of Sightings Reported on Birdpedia for the period Monday, August 12, 2019 to Sunday, August 18, 2019:

Area: SA

Location: Aldinga Scrub

Crested Shrike-tit (Falcunculus frontatus) (2) Foraging in gum trees.

Mistletoebird (Dicaeum hirundinaceum) (1) Lots of Mistletoe so lots of Mistletoe birds. Many seeds on the Mistletoe.

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