Peregrine chicks

Watching the Baltimore skyscraper nest-cam? Really amazing. And the nest pair history (recapped in the Comments) is quite surprising. Judith –

— JudithLA

Melbourne ‘parakeet’

I wonder if anyone can assist with an identification as my reference books are not accessible. This morning a green 'parakeet' flew over and landed in a nearby tree. It was green overall. The bill was pinkish red, the head green, no collar was evident, chest and belly green suffused brown (not as clear . . . → Read More: Melbourne ‘parakeet’

“Phylogeny of the monarch flycatchers …”

Thanks, all. Here we go! – still current, apparently, for those with access through Science Direct – Andersen, M.J.; Hosner, P.A.; Filardi, C.E.; Moyle, R.G. (2015). "Phylogeny of the monarch flycatchers reveals extensive paraphyly and novel relationships within a major Australo-Pacific radiation". Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 83: 118–36. doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2014.11.010.

— JudithLA

. . . → Read More: “Phylogeny of the monarch flycatchers …”

Magpie-lark … taxonomic history

The limited history in my house of this species’ classification is summarised in Simpson & Day 1988 – as ATTACHED – where Magpue-larks are grouped among Australian mud-nesters & just before the Corvids (where Cayley had associated it), “in a new Family with the New Guinea Torrent-lark”; & with a footnote pointing towards possible future . . . → Read More: Magpie-lark … taxonomic history

white faced heron

Driving between Wilmington and Melrose SA yesterday I observed a white faced heron standing next to a kangaroo carcass. I did not see the heron eating the carcass but that was the distinct impression formed as to why it was standing there. It did not strike me as haphazard or coincidental behaviour. We are . . . → Read More: white faced heron

Magpie-Lark behaviour

For just a few moments, watching the Kimberley dvd “Outback”, I saw a Magpie-Lark land on a kangaroo’s back, take a few steps, then tilt to peck in the fur. Is there still a question about the evolution / phylogenetics of this species? Weren’t they thought to have possibly derived from waders? This is a . . . → Read More: Magpie-Lark behaviour