Kookaburra behaviour

Eaglehawk Pelagic Trip Report – October 14th, 2018


Allan Benson, Ruth Brozek, Chris Darby, Michael Duffy, Chris Escott, Andi Magnussen, Chris Sanderson, Peter Vaughan and Paul Brooks (Inala guide and report compiler)


The Pauletta, skippered by John Males, . . . → Read More: Eaglehawk Pelagic Trip Report – October 14th, 2018

Eastern Yellow Robin call

Hello Greg Is it possible your bird might have been a white-plumed honeyeater? There have been occasions of late where I too have asked myself the same question about that "chop, chop" call, which I would normally associate with a yellow robin. I am hearing that call -or something very like it- in places where . . . → Read More: Eastern Yellow Robin call

A big thank you

We have just returned from a 7 week trip to Fiji and Australia and I have been using birding-aus to seek help with birding sites. As always, Australian birders have excelled themselves with their kindness and willingness to help….you must be the most generous birders in the world. So, a big thank you to . . . → Read More: A big thank you

Louisiade Arhipelago SE PNG

Another message from Phil Gregory:

We have been working on this one again and now have a smaller dive boat that is available from Sept 18-30, with an itinerary ex-Alotau and visiting Tagula, Rossel and also Normanby plus a nearby small island that has Louisiade White-eye and Louisiade Kingfisher.The limit is 6 people, so . . . → Read More: Louisiade Arhipelago SE PNG

Cassowary chicks

Hi everyone

Phil Gregory has tried to send this message a few times over the last couple of weeks. I thought it had made it to the list, but it's not in the archives …

From Phil Gregory: Happy to report that the venerable Dad Cassowary at Cassowary House at Kuranda (coming since 1985 . . . → Read More: Cassowary chicks

Re Eastern Yellow Robin call

Did you record the call Greg? Whereabouts was the call – presumably not Tib  township – and how near / distant did it appear? Might be worth asking Dave Watson about it, he’s been doing field research up there with CSU for 12+ years.  Cheers mjh Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone. . . . → Read More: Re Eastern Yellow Robin call

Eastern Yellow Robin call

I was at a Gould League Bird Camp at Sturt National Park, Tibooburra recently and early one morning heard the very distinctive ‘chop-chop’ call of an Eastern Yellow Robin.  The only problem is Tibooburra is way west of the normal range of this species.  Any comments?  Does anyone know of a bird species from . . . → Read More: Eastern Yellow Robin call

Legoland Crows

An interesting item on the ability of Caledonian crows to create compound tools


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Landline program about use of native birds to make hats.

Yesterday I happened to see this item on ABC Landline https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-10-28/outback-milliner:-the-international-success-of-a/10439282 somewhat supportive or praising of this lady who is making a business of making hats, using feathers of native (and some domestic) birds. She is in Broome WA. It is presented as a hard luck story of a lady who has made . . . → Read More: Landline program about use of native birds to make hats.