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In the middle of trying to pack up my house in Ocean Grove ready for a move to Brisbane, I find myself in Perth for a few days …. so if anyone would like to recommend the must-go places to pick up some of the WA specialties, I’d be grateful to hear from . . . → Read More: Perth

With a little help from pretend friends

An interesting story from South Africa

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2 vacancies on south-west WA endemics trip (advertisment)

Dear all,

2 vacancies exist on our south-west WA endemics tour commencing 25 November this year. We aim to find all 15 endemic birds occurring in the south-west corner of Western Australia. These include the notorious “skulkers”: Noisy Scrub-bird, Western Bristlebird and Western Whipbird.

This is a great time of the year to explore . . . → Read More: 2 vacancies on south-west WA endemics trip (advertisment)


As the CSIRO investigation found, not a single report of Wedgies killing lambs was first hand, all quoted. Like the report of attacks on Fallow Deer.

Birding reports of rare species these days usually need photographic evidence to be accepted. Video, not stills, would be the only real proof that Wedgies kill lambs,


Sent . . . → Read More: Wedgies

SUCCESS re: Found at Lake Claremont (Perth) – a Manfrotto monopod


Great to hear that the jail penalty for killing Wedge-tail Eagles was widely publicised in Victoria at least. Was Sylvester actually jailed?

Do Wedgies really kill healthy lambs?

Years ago the CSIRO comprehensively investigated and could not find a single first hand report of a Wedgie killing a healthy lamb, possibly they attacked sick . . . → Read More: Wedgies

Found at Lake Claremont (Perth) – a Manfrotto monopod

At around 10.00 yesterday morning (Monday 24th September – the public holiday) I found a Manfrotto monopod at Lake Claremont in the Perth suburb of Claremont.

After some consideration I decided it might be wiser to put it in a safe place, rather than leave it where it was (I was concerned that a passer-by . . . → Read More: Found at Lake Claremont (Perth) – a Manfrotto monopod

wedgetail jail and fine

The Sale magistrate is to be very highly commended for jailing Murray James Silvester for slaughtering Wedge-tailed Eagles. It is unlikely that Silvester will kill native birds again.

As a criminal could he now be deported?

How much publicity did the magistrates decision attract ? Apart from Birding-aus I neither saw nor heard anything about . . . → Read More: wedgetail jail and fine

South India Birding

Any ideas on best 2 or 3 Birding locations with easy access by train? I’m looking @ Periyar NP but being a large area would need best locations there for endemics with accomodation & guide services close by. Also, ready available guides @ any other locations. I have birded @ Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary so don’t . . . → Read More: South India Birding

Wedge-tailed Eagles

Murray James Silvester was today sentenced to 14 days jail and fined $2.500 in the Sale Magistrates Court

when he pleaded guilty to killing 420 Wedge-tailed Eagles and other protected birds on a Tubbut property

and surrounding properties.

It is understood to be the first custodial sentence for the destruction of protected wildlife handed out . . . → Read More: Wedge-tailed Eagles