Wim’s Calystegia sepium

In Wim Vader’s report of a stroll in the” balmy” Netherlands (well compared with Tromso), he pondered the English for Calystegia sepium, not having his English plant book with him. It is Hedge Bindweed, also known as Bugle vine, Heavenly trumpets or Bellbind (amongst others). Many laymen know it as convolvulus. Formerly called Convolvulus sepium . . . → Read More: Wim’s Calystegia sepium

ADVERTISEMENT – Top End Birds and Wildlife

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Hello fellow Aussie birders,

Some guests have had to cancel due to medical issues and we now have seats available on our eight . . . → Read More: ADVERTISEMENT – Top End Birds and Wildlife

Jordan birding book

Hi all,

I’ll be in Jordan for a week or so soon. Can anyone make recommendations re. bird guide?



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Birding Agnus waters & Bundaberg

Hi all

Just recently was birding in Agnus waters and found a young Plum-headed finch on its own with Double-barred finches…seemed odd?? I’ve only seen Plum headeds inland at Bowra station etc, not near the beach

And then in Bundaberg yesterday a Nutmeg mannikin with a little group of Double-barred finches…also interesting I thought… Anyways

. . . → Read More: Birding Agnus waters & Bundaberg