Hi all,From your various posts you also send photos, but l am not receiving any.Is there a special setting I need to apply?Thanks,Don Lill Sent from Samsung tablet

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Future Shorebird Numbers


I thought this link might be of interest to readers.

It is a link to an Op-Ed article in last weekends edition of the NY Times by John Fitzpatrick of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology on the future of global shorebird numbers.

Dean Cutten

Victor Harbor

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Birding information around Darwin end of June/start July


Hello Stephen, and others,

Thank you very much for all your information. This has turned out to be a more interesting subject than I had expected.

I have had an email from a chap who lives near Victor Harbour. He assures me his birds have yellow eyes. But according to Schodde & Mason, Victor Harbour . . . → Read More: Scrubwrens