May 2nd screening in Geelong for OBP film – Advertisement

After the sell-out of the first screening there will be a second screening of ‘The Desperate Plight of the Orange-bellied Parrot’ at the Pivotonian Cinema in South Geelong on Wednesday 2nd May.

The cinema only seats 70 and bookings are already filling.

For bookings go to

Proceeds to help support the OBP.

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Eyre Peninsula

Not sure if this got posted or not, so sending it again.

Is there anyone on Eyre Peninsula interested in a half day out doing bird photography.

I will be visiting the area 2nd week of April and wouldn’t mind an outing somewhere.

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Eyre Peninsula

I’m heading over to Eyre around 9th April for a week. Just wondering if there is anyone who might like a day out (or half day) in order to photograph some birds.

Particularly interested in Coffin Bay/Port Lincoln area but happy to try elsewhere.

Cheers, Ian Smith

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Mutton Birds

As a child in the early 60’s I used to see Mutton Birds flying south regularly just above the waves from the Back Beach of Fraser Island. But, I’ve often thought that for these migrants it would make more sense if they flew high with jet stream assist. Sent from my iPhone

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POW Is. Qld. Fork-tailed Swift sightings.

Gooday Michael and others, 21 March 2018 1755 Homestead waterhole Prince of Wales Is. Very cloudy sky with showers. Birds were observed just over the treetops and feeding. Main flock of 15 followed by smaller groups of 2 – 7 birds. Total 30+ birds over 30 min. period. 22 March 2018 Muralug Beach POW Is. . . . → Read More: POW Is. Qld. Fork-tailed Swift sightings.

High-flying muttonbirds?

Recently someone told me of “one of the best talks they ever attended”. It described how, at this time of the year, certain clouds appear which we can’t see, but the birds can. When they see them, the muttonbirds fly high into the sky to take advantage of the upper level winds.

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Fork-tailed Swifts

We saw 100+ Fork-tailed Swifts at 5.30pm yesterday flying over Hopetoun on the south coast of WA. Sue

Sent from my iPhone

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Fork-tailed Swifts central Qld

We have noticed some FTS activity north of Belyando in recent days. Sat 24 March at 4.30pm 7 birds above us in low cloudy conditions and today, Mon 26 another 12 birds at 7.15am feeding overhead in grey skies and rainy conditions.

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North Island NZ

Hi. Sorry for late notice – only just clicked on Birding-Aus this morning. We have visited the North Island twice, in January 2017 – mainly the southern half – and in late January–mid February this year, when we flew into Auckland and centred our activities north and south-east of there.

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RFI New Zealand (North Island)

Hi all,

Ruth and I are heading to New Zealand on Tuesday. I have a business meeting in Hamilton (south of Auckland) on Wednesday – and, since we’re so close to Easter, I thought we’d make a bit of a mini-break about it.

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