Possible swift

I was driving on the Princes Highway , North Geelong this morning when I saw what appeared to be a dead swift on the nature strip. I was stopped at the lights and was able to look at it for a couple of minutes. It attracted my attention because it was unlike the normal roadkill . . . → Read More: Possible swift

Victorian Duck shooting season

Hi birders,

Unfortunately we have to go through all this again down here in Victoria. Another season of duck shooting starts on March 17th. Birdlife is encouraging citizen scientists to get out amongst the Victorian wetlands and survey for threatened species, namely Freckled Duck, Blue-billed Duck, Bitterns, Brolgas and significant numbers of Australasian Shoveler (which . . . → Read More: Victorian Duck shooting season

Aleutian tern

Hi all Does anyone know if the Aleutian terns are still hanging about… I just happen to be in the area today and wondering if they’re still been seen in the last couple of days or where they’ve been spotted the most and if they’re hanging out with other tern species…? I’m not the best . . . → Read More: Aleutian tern