Birds as predators

Hi Graeme,

Yes Whipbirds and others, the list appears to be increasing……

There may however not be predation involved in this odd case of the Logrunners. It is, it seems, so out of character. It could have been just an intent to remove the noisy competitor or disrupt the nesting. I don’t know. Just a . . . → Read More: Birds as predators

Birds as predators

Following on the interesting observation of Logrunners, I’m sure there are quite a few species not regarded as predators that welcome a bit of extra protein when available.

A friend of mine regularly monitors the nests of Superb Fairy-wrens on his property.

He has had to resort to building cages of chicken-wire around the nests . . . → Read More: Birds as predators

White-throated Needletails

Happy New Year! As I write at least 150 – 200 WTNT are slowly feeding/ moving south over Yamba and Pippi Beach, northern NSW. I have been watching them since 07.40 and it is now 08.15 and small groups of 10-20 to feed at eye-level in front of our balcony – we happen to be . . . → Read More: White-throated Needletails