Chestnut Teal in Mulgoa.

There was a pair of Chestnut Teal on a small dam, in the rain, here in Mulgoa Valley this afternoon. Never recorded here before by me in 25 years.

The were fairly tame, like those in Avoca Lakes Central Coast and Pearl Beach NR, where they are habituated to humans, allowed approach to about 10m. . . . → Read More: Chestnut Teal in Mulgoa.

Regent Honeyeater Field Officer


Does anyone know if there is still a field officer, I remember a long time ago when David Geering monitored the Capertee Valley for nesting and tracking the success of the population, but I do not know if he was the last and if so when he finished.

Cheers Chris

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Caneland Subdivisions Threaten Rare Birds

See the latest progress Greg Roberts has made in this:

Remarkably quick, this time, if it’s effective.

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