A couple of unidentified calls


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  • bill

    Thanks to all who’ve responded, this is a great resource!

    The consensus seems to be that Bird 2 is an Eastern Yellow Robin. I checked
    the PK birds app, and lo and behold, the call matched just right. I’ve added
    in to the survey.

    There’s more debate about Bird 1 though. Personally, I’m leaning toward
    Restless Flycatcher, although it’s not perfect. The call itself is very
    similar to one recorded on Xeno-Canto, just faster. Other suggestions
    included other types of flycatcher as well as a Golden Whistler. The
    property has Golden Whistlers all over the place, so that’s a possible.

    In terms of the surveys though, I’m afraid it’s one that got away, as I
    can’t be certain enough.

    Thanks again to all who helped!


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    Sent: Thursday, October 24, 2019 9:06 AM

    Hi all, Bill here

    I’ve done a couple of spring surveys up at the Strathbogie ranges over the
    last few days, and there are a few calls I had trouble with. Dead certain
    I’ve heard them before but I just can’t dredge the birds up.

    Can anyone help me? I’ve attached two MP3 files – they’re very small, but I
    don’t actually know if the server will distribute them.

    Thanks all!

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