Lyrebird renaming

While renaming birds let’s swap the names of the Black-faced and Masked Woodswallows. Because the Black-faced has a mask, and the Masked has a black face! John L

Birding-Aus Digest, Vol 120, Issue 4

All I got to say is a Willy Wagtail to you all with this chatter. Different strokes different Folks

Jon Wren


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Rain, Ants and Needletails

G’day Mike

During a brief period in the southern suburbs of Brisbane this morning, there was a confluence of rain (minor thunder), flying ants and low level needletails. Given the small field of view from my back deck, I could only see half a dozen individuals in the swift passage.

Regards Laurie

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Lyrebird renaming

I just wanted to get in first with – The Plumed Mulchscratcher aka the PM (for the Superb) and the Lesser Plumed Mulchscratcher aka LPM (for Prince Alberts). Thinking of renaming all Australian birds. Geoff