Are Green Rosellas more likely to be right-footed?

Seasons greetings folks,

At the start of November my son and I made a late decision to spend two weeks in Tassie as an alternative to schoolies on the Gold Coast.

This timing hit the sweet spot when Tasmania was clear of Covid and closed to NSW and Victoria, so it was easy to . . . → Read More: Are Green Rosellas more likely to be right-footed?

Fwd: February 2022 birdwatching access renewal (WTP, Victoria)

I received the

Western Treatment Plant access permit renewal email below a few days ago. Not sure if everyone's permit expires the same day. Of note is the fact that they're no longer splitting it into Special and General access areas. All keys are eventually going to open the gates in both areas. Peter . . . → Read More: Fwd: February 2022 birdwatching access renewal (WTP, Victoria)


A flock of twelve WTNs briefly over Avoca Beach yesterday morning, despite clear skies apart from a little stratus and scattered balls of cumulus. Large storms followed later in the day/night

Happy Birding in the New Year

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. . . → Read More: WTNs

The South Australian Draft Pastoral Bill

The objectives of the South Australian Draft Pastoral Bill, are in my view, no different from deforesting a rainforest… probable destruction of a environment that won’t ever recover all for the benefit of a few… … when are Governments going to take their stewardship of our already degraded environment responsibly by showing some foresight. While . . . → Read More: The South Australian Draft Pastoral Bill

From Birding-Aus

‘Endothermic vertebrates tend to be represented by larger forms in the colder parts of their range than in the warmer parts’. I was thinking about this when consulting Schodde’s Directory of Australian Passerines recently. There is much discussion under Australian Magpie as to whether white backs and black backs define subspecies, but Schodde doesn’t comment . . . → Read More: From Birding-Aus

Eungella Honeyeater

We managed to travel yesterday from Canberra to Qld (between delta and omicron) and are at Eungella currently. I went up to to the Chelmans Rd site (via Dalrymple Road) this morning and found one Eungella Honeyeater feeding in a tree just behind the gate at the end of the road. I also saw one . . . → Read More: Eungella Honeyeater

Sign of life

Sign of Life

Several subscribers have kindly emailed me to hear if I am well, since I have not sent anything to the bird lists for a long time, where earlier I was a somewhat regular contributor. Therefore this sign of life: fortunately I am relatively well, even though at 84 various . . . → Read More: Sign of life

A Wagtail

I’d appreciate some advice on this – we had a Wagtail sitting on her nest which is fairly near a shed. We have of course left it alone, but there has been the odd movement around the shed. The nest is now deserted and has been for a couple of days so I have checked . . . → Read More: A Wagtail

Birding-Aus Digest, Vol 98, Issue 3


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Interview about Habitats of the world filed guide.

Hi everyone, I have a new field guide to habitats of the world, which will hit Australia in January. There have been a few webinars and talks on sites like the Smithsoinian, but this is a conversation with an American nature journalist and tour guide, Christine Elder. Tuesday 9am QLD time. Check it out. . . . → Read More: Interview about Habitats of the world filed guide.