Eungella Honeyeater

We managed to travel yesterday from Canberra to Qld (between delta and omicron) and are at Eungella currently.

I went up to to the Chelmans Rd site (via Dalrymple Road) this morning and found one Eungella Honeyeater feeding in a tree just behind the gate at the end of the road. I also saw one in a tree along Dalrymple Road on the way back. 
Later I visited Diggers Road, but there weren’t any EHs there (Lewin’s instead).
Great to catch up with old rainforest friends from Qld again. We’re staying at Mountain Edge Escape cabins (highly recommended) and just sitting on the balcony I’m adding to the trip spp list: a Superb Fruitdove just flew by and after that a pair of Grey Goshawks. The Pied Currawongs here are comically small compared to southern birds.
Cheers and best wishes for postcovid birding.
John L

John Leonard

Make nature great again.

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