unusual Satin Bowerbird behaviour

Today (25/04/21) at around 2.30pm on a warm autumn afternoon I observed a male Satin Bowerbird at a partially constructed bower near the end of Downes Place, Hughes, on the edge of the Federal Golf Course. The bower was located underneath thick Cotoneaster understorey beneath a Tasmanian Blue Gum plantation. It was . . . → Read More: unusual Satin Bowerbird behaviour

Mitchell Falls

Hi Penny and all. Having driven to Mitchell Falls a decade or so ago, with no trouble finding the Grasswten, the AOS cost of $1088 is cheap at the price, although getting to these remote sites under your own steam was much of the appeal in those younger days.

Best. Michael Sent from my . . . → Read More: Mitchell Falls

ADVERTISMENT Mitchell Plateau 19 May 2021

Mitchell Plateau charter for Black Grasswren 19 May 2021 ex Kununurra

 As per previous years, Australian Ornithological Services will run a one-day charter to the Mitchell Plateau at the end of our 2021 Top End tour. It involves fixed-wing to the Mitchell Plateau airstrip and then helicopters . . . → Read More: ADVERTISMENT Mitchell Plateau 19 May 2021

last minute vacancy on Top End NT birding tour Aug ’21 (advertisement)

Hi all, Even though it's still a few months away, a last-minute vacancy for 1 or 2 people has arisen on our 7-day "Best of Top End birding tour", commencing in Darwin on 29 August 2021. We will be looking for the sought-after Gouldian finch, the rare Hooded Parrot, the localised Chestnut-quilled Rock Pigeon, . . . → Read More: last minute vacancy on Top End NT birding tour Aug ’21 (advertisement)


The growth could be pox (AKA Avian Pox) a viral infection which often presents as warty lesions on the mucous membranes. Not uncommon in many Australian species.


Chris Lloyd



Birding-Aus Digest, Vol 90, Issue 7

I have seen more cases of magpies brought into my veterinary clinic this season with pox virus lesions than previous years . As mosquitoes and other biting insects play a role in its transmission I have assumed our impressive recent rainfall is a major factor. Mike Fitzgerald Alstonville

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. . . → Read More: Birding-Aus Digest, Vol 90, Issue 7

Magpie affliction

Hi all,

Our local magpies had chicks this year and one of the juveniles came in to try t swipe some dog food from the bowl at our place (Como on the Woronora River, Southern Sydney)

I could see it had something wrong with its eyes so went to get binoculars . . . → Read More: Magpie affliction


A few observations: March 20 – watched huge flocks of large waders circling around and landing on Mangroves surrounding Hickey Island opposite Calypso Caravan Park in Yamba. I could accurately identify, as Whimbrels, the 20 or so birds that landed on the nearest mangrove but could not be confident about the others which could have . . . → Read More: Waders

latest iteration of Nikkor lens

Thanks to everyone for their helpful information. I have found a solution! cheers

— John Leonard


I am visiting Canberra in mid-April for a few days and wondering whether any local birder can recommend a site / sites for Olive Whistler. Thanks Andrew Wood

. . . → Read More: RFI OLIVE WHISTLER