Magpie affliction

Hi all,

Our local magpies had chicks this year and one of the juveniles came in to try t swipe some dog food from the bowl at our place (Como on the Woronora River, Southern Sydney)

I could see it had something wrong with its eyes so went to get binoculars and say a pretty horrible sight.

It’s right eye had about 5 warty-looking growths around the margins, on the eye lids I think.

The left eye was completely covered with these growths, so that I could not even see it’s eye.

I don’t think it would have been possible to see out of that eye.


Didn’t seem to affect its binocular vision too much: it had no apparent trouble perching on our gate and then on a tree branch as it flew off once the dog came on the scene.


Anyone seen this sort of thing before? Any idea what it may be?



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