Treeswift Wildlife: Guiding Roles & Hiring Opportunities

Hi Birding Aus,

My name is Jack and I'm one of the founders of Treeswift Wildlife & Nature, a wildlife watching and nature organisation. We are reaching out, as we are looking for enthusiastic people to join our team in guiding roles and as wildlife photography tutors (we have both part time & casual spots available, with the option to move to full time). Preferably based in Victoria, but we are interested in hearing from enthusiastic individuals from all around the country.

A little more about us: Treeswift Wildlife & Nature is a wildlife watching and nature organisation, committed to helping people connect with the natural world. We specialise in wildlife and nature experiences around Victoria, Australia, and Southeast Asia, offering a diverse variety of trips ranging from birdwatching and mammal watching, to spotlighting, photography courses, multi-day tours, and other unique nature experiences. We are an equal opportunity employer where we welcome and recognise the diversity of our workforce and community. We also practice Ethical Wildlife Watching and run several conservation fundraising events each month.
On our history, our team started Treeswift in Vietnam in 2019 but we were rocked around a little due to Covid-19. We’re now based both here and in Da Nang and looking for more people to join us in Australia as the world gets a little back on track.

For more details on our roles, please visit our website at You can also get directly in contact with myself or the team by emailing us at

Many thanks,
Jack Nguyen
International Tour Manager & Co-Founder / Giám đốc & quản lý tour quốc tế
Treeswift Wildlife & Nature

Melbourne, Australia / Đà Nẵng, Việt Nam

(03) 7018 2302 Facebook icon Twitter icon Youtube icon Instagram icon 

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