square tail kite near Central Tilba, south coast NSW

Hi Folks

I do not know how unusual this is, but a square tailed kite soared over my head, just a few metres up, near Central Tilba yesterday, just above the treeline-level. I have never seen them here and initially thought it was a whistling kite, which are fairly regular. I checked my literature which suggests that they are spring/summer visitors to the south east. So perhaps not too unexpected. Likewise, I do not know whether they are apt to stay in a fairly local patch, but if they are, for those who know the area, the bird was quartering the valley where Punkalla-Tilba Rd meets Ridge Road.

Happy new year, all

Kim Sterelny, School of Philosophy, Research School of the Social Sciences, Australian National University, Acton, 0200, ACT, Australia



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