Painted Snipe

I have only seen 2 Australian Painted Snipe. This pair were first seen at the 'Cement Works Pond' on James Creek Road, near the Harwood Bridge (Pacific Hwy, M1) on 20 January 2018. We went to search for them several times before first spotting them on 27 March. We saw them again on 28 March but then left on an interstate trip.
When we returned on 5 February they had gone and, as far as I know, have not been seen since. I suspect that nearly every birder in the Clarence Valley saw these 2 birds, and many photographed them, as they fed, unperturbed, on the edge of the pond.  
I didn't realise, at the time, that I would probably never see this species again.
I do remember that they were surprisingly difficult to see, particularly when resting or sleeping, but became more obvious when feeding late in the day. However, they showed no interest in, or concern with, the many observers less than 20 metres away.
We still call in to look at the birds on the Cement Works Pond but it has changed many times since then – completely dry, flooded etc
I hope to read reports of breeding pairs/populations of these interesting little birds being found after this wet weather. 

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