Predation by Pied Butcherbird

A contact in the Cooranbong area supplied this image with a report of a Pied Butcherbird attempting to take a Peaceful Dove and then successfully killing and eating the intestines from this Bar-shouldered Dove. HANZAB certainly references PBs taking small passerines like House Sparrow and Double-Barred Finch, but this seems like an unusually large . . . → Read More: Predation by Pied Butcherbird

NSW+ACT Twitchathon 2021 announced

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For those in NSW and ACT:

BIGNET have moved to go proceed with the NSW and ACT charity Twitchathon this year, at end October.  Participants must proceed as legal COVID restrictions allow.


We’ll be looking to raise $20K+ for the Montague Island . . . → Read More: NSW+ACT Twitchathon 2021 announced

Sydney birds coping with lockdown

An interesting article about how Sydney birds around Circular Quay are adapting to the absence of tourists and locals. Chris Gregory

Souterh Boobook (Rainforest / Red Boobook) lurida calling

This lurida (Rainforest or Red Boobook) began calling by our house at Topaz at 2250 and carried on constantly until 2354. It was a bright moonlit night and I was surprised it was so vocal, calling about 20 times per minute or once every 3 seconds, so it gave over 1000 calls in that . . . → Read More: Souterh Boobook (Rainforest / Red Boobook) lurida calling

Nesting Whistling Kites

We have a pair of Whistling Kites nesting in a tree close to our house. From the times given in HANZAB I suspect is around a week until hatching. I am keeping an eye on them to see what I can learn about the process. The thought has occurred that if anyone is studying . . . → Read More: Nesting Whistling Kites


Just heard my first CBC for the season, in Hunters Hill NSW. Happy spring everyone! Alistair

Cassowaries, Thickknees and the Great Barrier Grief

The advent of the third decade of the twenty first century has delivered overlapping health and climate crises. These have impacted on our birding and travel activities.

Covid restrictions have ruled out overseas travel, and interstate ventures are uncertain. The repeated experience of trips cancelled at the last moment means that travel planning has become . . . → Read More: Cassowaries, Thickknees and the Great Barrier Grief

Card readers

Kirri, it seems you are still using a CompactFlash CF card that has pins in the card reader. You really should switch to SD and microTF cards for 3 reasons. 1. Significantly faster 2 Cheap as chips in high capacities 3. Robust readers with no pins, often plug directly into laptops and tablets. Your 7D . . . → Read More: Card readers

Card readers

Hey everyone…

I have a Canon 7D mk ll camera body… What do u all use out there that’s fast and efficient when it comes to card readers downloading images that are RAW to the computer fast Nd great quality??? The other cheap one I got had these little projection thingys which became a little . . . → Read More: Card readers

Favour To Ask

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I hope you are good ? I need an urgent Favour from you, I'd appreciate if you could email me back once you get this.

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