John Blay and the southern forests

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I caught up with author and bushman John Blay for an interview last week in Eden, NSW. John has written numerous books including a trilogy about Australia’s southern forests such as On Track: Searching out The Bundian Way. John also discovered Blay’s Wattle (acacia blayana). If you love nature and birds his books are highly recommended.
The devastation from the 2019/20 fires in the region is still horrifying to see. John said there was almost a complete absence of the normally extremely common superb lyrebirds and many had also been killed scratching for food along roadsides.
Perhaps most distressing for me was the state of Kosciuszko National Park (KNP). 1000s of hectares of dead trees (caused by the drought then “finished” by the intense fires) and vast tracts of dead snowgum from die back.
The plains that were once ancient scrub had burned and have since been consumed by weedy grass.
The only way to describe the KNP scenario, even after almost 2 years, is nuclear. 
Both the evidence and presence of brumbies were almost everywhere. In the forest, grasslands, bogs, waterways, walking paths and roads. 
The interview with John is available here: 
Charles Hunter
Bronte, Sydney

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