Indian Mynas



A lot can be and has been done about them. We have had a massive decline of the species, in Canberra, after a concerted effort over a lot of years. Just a suggestion following up on recent comments to check out this source. And don’t waste time debating the name. It was chosen by the group, when it was set up years ago, (not that I agreed) but it was thought by a vote of those present as I think I recall, that more of the public know them as Indian Mynas than Common Mynas.


Some of the comments are odd. Addressing one issue does not negate addressing another issue.



On 17/11/2020 17.42, Tony Russell wrote:

> All this debate about Mynas, common or Indian, is all very interesting

> but doesn’t solve anything. They are HERE and there’s no way to get rid

> of them. They are as common as sparrows and starlings, get used to them

> and live with it, just as we do with other introduced species. Sorry

> fellas, you are wasting your breath.


> Ancient twitcher.


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