Indian Mynah control

Indian Mynahs are a pestilence on much of Sydney’s suburbia.

They can be virtually totally eliminated by blocking their nesting cavities, which are invariably under the eaves of houses, often via gutters.

Trapping and wringing their necks (“euthanising”) is never ending, stopping them from breeding is permanent.

In Suburbia it would be a big deal for all houses to block off, but should be a program instituted by all the relevant Councils.

Education pamphlets distributed to all households, possibly the provision of mobile teams of ladder men with a supply of old (“nylon”) socks or wire netting would get completely rid of these “flying rats”.

Hopefully the return of many small native bird spp. to suitable areas would follow. Particularly areas without uncontrolled cat populations .

I can personally vouch for this. The only Indian Mynah nest in a tree cavity that I have seen was short lived thanks to either goannas or other hole nesting birds . Not applicable in most of infested Suburbia.

Yours Very Sincerely

Michael Hunter.

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