Hybrid Golden/Rufous Whistler?

Hi all
Escaping Sydney last week we spent 5 days in Blackheath. While walking in the local bush we heard a Rufous Whistler calling. The bird was very accommodating in showing itself. Which was a problem. Because it had the distinctive black cap of a Golden Whistler.  And it seemed to be a black and white bird, not rufous, or golden!
Next day we went back and readily found the same bird. Lots of photos and a longish video which includes its Rufous rendition. 
Close examination of the photos shows a white nape where a Golden would have its golden nape, with the white continuing under the black breast band, also like a golden. But then below the white on the stomach the colour changes to a cream/beige which is also the predominant colour of the wings/back. 
I wondered about a leucistic Golden, but if that’s what it was it had learned the Rufous call. A quick search online identified a BirdingAus record of these two Whistlers swapping tunes, but not hybrid. 
Any thoughts? 
Andrew Ross 

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