Habitats of Australia-help wanted with maps (kind of advertisment, but not really)

Hi Everyone,
Seven long months after it was released in the USA and UK, the Habitats of the World: A Field Guide for Birders, Naturalists and Ecologists is now available in Australia. I am now working with a bunch of people around the world to make one for each continent.
Phil Gregory and I are working of Habitats of Australia. As well as the book, we wil have the first pass mapping done which will work as a very simple (absolutely free to all) app on phones and laptops. I would like some people to look at the mapping to see if the classifications make sense- We may have maped some area as Open Eucalypt Savanna in a region that  clearly has a spinifex groundcover (Think Carpentarian Grasswren), so should be classified as Spinifex Eucalypt Savanna.
Can anyone who is interested drop me a line. I am keen to have other guides play with this as well as novice birders, because we need to make it both useful to experienced birders, but accessible to beginner birders. One thing though; this is a beta version and I am making it in Ecuador, so don't worry about spelling mistakes and text errors.

Habitats book cover.jpg
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Iain Campbell
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