Australian Painted-snipe

Now that 2022 is done, I checked ebird for records of the species for that year.  This brought up a map unburdened by any reports, with the depressing notation ‘No data for this taxon’. This contrasts with the reporting for 2022 of the relatively commonplace Orange-bellied Parrot. I had previously mentioned to this . . . → Read More: Australian Painted-snipe

Eastern Bristlebird

It's worth checking for Pilotbird along the creek at the entrance to Barren Grounds. All the best Richard Jordan

Eastern Bristlebird

I’m hoping to go to Barren Grounds in the next few days…is it a good time of year to listen for and possibly miraculously see an Eastern Bristlebird? If so, is there a location at the grounds that they frequent a little more than usual? Also is there a Pilotbird area in the Sydney region . . . → Read More: Eastern Bristlebird

FW: Late autumn at 70*N



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Late autumn at 70*N


Back home in Tromsø in far northern Norway. We have no direct sunlight anymore: Mørketiden, i.e. . . . → Read More: FW: Late autumn at 70*N

Painted Snipe

I have only seen 2 Australian Painted Snipe. This pair were first seen at the 'Cement Works Pond' on James Creek Road, near the Harwood Bridge (Pacific Hwy, M1) on 20 January 2018. We went to search for them several times before first spotting them on 27 March. We saw them again on 28 March . . . → Read More: Painted Snipe

Birding in Hawaii

Hey everyone… If I was to travel from Australia to Hawaii next year for a week…when’s the best time for birding and some must see locations/Species on mainland and islands nearby?? Yes I can look at Ebird but just wanted some extra help from those that have been there and would like to share their . . . → Read More: Birding in Hawaii

Birding-Aus Digest, Vol 109, Issue 5

Not sure if this helps but, around 2011/12 I saw the Aust Painted Snipe at Newey reservoir in Cobar, right next to a Painted Honeyeater which was in the tree to the right of it… I’ve been back many times since to the same spot and it’s never been there…

Kirri 👍🏼

Sent from my . . . → Read More: Birding-Aus Digest, Vol 109, Issue 5

Australian Painted-snipe again

Earlier, I circulated a request for information about sightings of this elusive species.  A serious monitoring project is now planned, and in connection with this Matt Herring has suggested I circulate the below link about it to this forum –


The movements of this endemic . . . → Read More: Australian Painted-snipe again

Song Thrush

We have looked several times for Song Thrush in places they have previously been seen around Melbourne. Are they virtually gone now and maybe only a couple of places being kept virtually as pet birds at occasional garden sites? Cheers Madelon

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FW: Autumn in a Dutch village



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In October I spent 3 weeks in the Dutch village of Odijk, just south . . . → Read More: FW: Autumn in a Dutch village