FW: Long weekend at 78*N

Well today was colder in GLoucester than in Tromso. 12 c at midday and a cold wind off the snow in Barrington Tops. We’re having an early taste of winter and this chill is said to last a week.  I much enjoyed your trip to Svalbard. It’s thousands of birds preparing to breed. So . . . → Read More: FW: Long weekend at 78*N

Australian birds – numbers

Hi all,

I had a few questions regarding the number of bird species in Australia.

How many bird species have been sighted in mainland Australia and Tasmania (but excluding islands / territories like Christmas Island, Norfolk Island and Heard Island, etc.).

How many bird species are resident in Australia?

Is a bird considered . . . → Read More: Australian birds – numbers

Massive Numbers of Black Swan at Lake George in SA

Morning all I get a thrill out of seeing large congregations of birds in one area so a visit to Lake George in South Australia at the moment would see massive numbers of Black Swan that were there during a recent visit (end of May 22). Good time for a visit… apart from the . . . → Read More: Massive Numbers of Black Swan at Lake George in SA