Crested Pigeon

Recently in outback Queensland (Boulia) and came across Crested Pigeon nesting in Magpie Larks nest. HANZAB says they do nest in large old nests. Has anyone seen nest in Magpie Larks nest?  Geoff Shannon

Magpie killed by wind?

Driving to Grafton today, saw a magpie killed on M1 – 110kph. Luckily, it went behind the vehicle in front. I thought it was lucky because I wasn’t close enough to hit it.  However, just as it came out from behind the front vehicle, it exploded into a whole lot of feathers and slammed . . . → Read More: Magpie killed by wind?

Nesting of Whistling Kites

A couple of months ago we saw a Whistling Kite carrying sticks into a copse of Angophoras next to our house, Eventually we saw the nest, clearly visible from our deck. The birds started sitting in it and (after a pause of about 3 days during a very gusty period) a bird occupied the . . . → Read More: Nesting of Whistling Kites