Aggressive Crested pigeons.

Hi All. Rainbow Lorikeets are tough, will see off SC Cockatoos, Noisy Miners, even butcherbirds. But Crested Pigeons show no mercy toward the lorikeets when squabbling over food. They sidle up to the lorikeet, rapidly flap their wing three or four times, hitting the lorikeet, and the lorikeet moves off.. otherwise the CP chases and . . . → Read More: Aggressive Crested pigeons.

Red-necked avocet

Hi there… Quick question… Has anyone seen Red-necked avocets one the Tweed Heads vicinity or region???

Thanks Kirri 😊

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I am arranging two birding trips through Trogon Tours to Argentina next year and am keen for other birders to join me to lower the cost even further. 1. NW and NE Argentina 24 days from about September 20, 2022: about $Au10,000, plus two relatively cheap domestic airfares. Very good price. Starting in Cordoba, ending . . . → Read More: Argentina


Hi all.

Here in Mulgoa Valley we have had an irruption of Superb Fairy Wrens over the last few weeks, Almost all “brown birds”, one male in eclipse plumage, one in full breeding garb. I watched two brown birds in what looked like mortal combat, the victim spread eagled under the attacker who would not . . . → Read More: Fairywrens

H only

Common Bronzewing calling here all evening so far – deep, slow, spaced: oom oom oom …Falls silent if we go out = close to the house? & the sound penetrating the wooden building. No sighting of the species here since records began in 1997. One similar record found online, from WA— Judith SEQ 500m . . . → Read More: H only

Blackshouldered kites in Mulgoa Valley.

Dear All, A (presumed) pair of Blackshouldered kites have returned to Mulgoa Valley, along with many other seasonal birds, it has been a lush season. They disappear,likely migrating north, during the colder months. although we are still having frosts. Does anyone know of specific northern areas where they congregate ? BSKites are beautiful, delicate birds, . . . → Read More: Blackshouldered kites in Mulgoa Valley.

What Twenty Years of Conservation Does

Just got back from a couple of weeks at Gluepot including during the COVID lockdown that gave me time to reflect on the incredible work done by an army of dedicated volunteers in improving their bit of the mallee… My contribution, I might add, has been small in comparison to the many many others . . . → Read More: What Twenty Years of Conservation Does

FW: Glossy Black-Cockatoo

Graeme and Philip are quite correct.  Wrong age, wrong sex. I have engaged a new script-writer.



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Hi Geoffrey,


Trouble . . . → Read More: FW: Glossy Black-Cockatoo

Glossy Black-Cockatoo

A Commonwealth committee is reviewing the conservation status of the Glossy Black-Cockatoo


Film about the Philippine Eagle

I have been sent a link to a very worthwhile film about the Philippine Eagle (earlier known as monkey-eating eagle), a story that is also told. The film is released by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It goes for 1 hour 34 minutes. This is dramatic looking but a little known species and . . . → Read More: Film about the Philippine Eagle